The Story of Becca

Oct 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Stories

Becca came to Kindred Kitties as a small, adorable black and white kitten. She had the largest and most expressive green eyes we ever seen. Sadly, Becca had been injured in her hind quarters by a dog. The injury she sustained left her with a tail that could not move and just hung directly down all the time. But the worst part of her injury was her inability to void waste from her body.

What a spirit this kitten had! She loved to play and really enjoyed being with all the other kitties. Every newcomer was greeted and accepted by her!

Becca went to the vet several times, and each time he suggested euthanasia. Each time we refused to do it. She had such a will to live life to its fullest! Finally the vet said “Don’t bring her back there is absolutely nothing we can do to help.”
Based on the love we felt for Becca, we decided to do what we could for as long as we could, to give her a chance to have a life. So every day for almost three years Becca suffered the indignity of having the waste expelled from her body by loving human hands. She never did get used to it and always ran from her caregivers, but would ultimately give up after a couple of laps around the room. I think she knew deep inside that we loved her and were only doing what had to be done.

Sadly in the summer of 2006, Becca became seriously ill. With much regret and sadness, but with continued love and devotion, we made the decision to let Becca go to her final rest. We miss her every day and see her face in so many other kittens and cats that have come to Kindred Kitties for help.

We have Becca’s ashes in a small decorative urn. One day when the time is right, we will go into the woods and spread her ashes on nature’s ground and say a prayer that ends with “Becca we love you, run free.”

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