Priscilla’s Story

Oct 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Stories

Hi.  It’s me, Priscilla.  I am a very shy kitty that got adopted once, but was returned to Kindred Kitties to keep me safe from an abusive “stepfather.”  I sure was scared, so I spent a great deal of my time hiding in the rafters of the basement.  But then I went to be fostered by Judy Armstrong.  She is a retired school teacher that loves cats. I didn’t stay in the cat condo long at her house.  Her other two Kindred Kitties cats, Jake and Nikki, showed me the run of the house.  They are big boys, but pretty laid back.  They also showed me the best place to sleep is in the clean laundry!  That’s me and Jake pictured above.  I like my new home and sleep on Judy’s bed.  I love it when she pets me.  And, the good news?  She has permanently adopted me!! I am so thankful to Kindred Kitties for not giving up on me and finding me a good, loving forever home!

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